UK Company Incorporation (Ltd)

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Incorporation of your company to the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Included in the price is a British company secretary, and for the first year, you get free address services for the company! You need to a permanent resident inside the European Union, if not we can offer a company agent on your behalf, with a Trust Agreement and a Letter of Power of Attorney. This first price is for the first year, after which our normal mail forwarding services for UK needs to be added to the UK. You may also, if you wish, obtain the .co.uk domain extension, which is the forwarded to your actual website. The domain extension cost is at first with the registration fee, and it's yearly fee an extra 280€, after which the domain fee will be only 150€ per annum. We only need your address, a clear colour scan of your passport's ID-page, and your proposed name for the company. If the name is available, we may proceed. NB! You need to be at least 18-yrs old to order this service. Furthermore: NO letters of recommendations are required, as we have a good working relationship with the authorities. You will receive your company documents within 48 hours (working days), of a successful incorporation.